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What is Ezbackup?
Ezbackup provides online storage for all your photos, documents, videos and any other type of file. You can access your files from the web, from your mobile and directly from your computer using the Desktop Software.

What are the benefits of online backup over an external hard-drive?
Online backup is a more reliable, secure and hassle-free alternative to backing up data with an external hard-drive. Online backup is also a much more secure way to backup data as it is transferred directly from the host machine in encrypted form. There is no hardware failure to worry about.
Where are my files stored and how secure are my files on Ezbackup?
EZBackup - Secure Online StorageEzbackup is secure - we use military grade security. Data stored on your Ezbackup is backed up on to multiple storage servers at our data centres ensuring your files are fully protected. Our data centres are all carrier grade facilities. Our network is protected by enterprise-grade security and firewalls. Files on Ezbackup are safe, secure and there forever - never again do you have to worry about your computer failing or getting stolen.
What is the Ezbackup Desktop Software?
Ezbackup Desktop allows you to access all the files on your Ezbackup directly from your computer, just like a USB drive. You can drag and drop files directly to your Ezbackup and you can save files directly from your applications onto your Ezbackup (it's drive E:).
Why do I need Ezbackup?
  • Computers break down. Hard drives crash. Viruses attack. Operating systems need to be upgraded or reinstalled. When this happens to you, Ezbackup ensures your files are safe and can be recovered simply and quickly.
  • You can easily sync files on multiple PC's (Pro version)
  • You can instantly share large files to anyone without worrying about email storage
    or sending limits.
  • You can publish your files on the Web for everyone to see.
Is Ezbackup a backup product?
Whilst Ezbackup provides a safe and secure place to store your valuable files, it's not a backup product in the strict sense of the word. Ezbackup is not designed to run scheduled backups of system files, email and contacts for example. What Ezbackup does offer is a means of securing your valuable files, accessing them from anywhere in the world and easily sharing them with friends and colleagues. Ezbackup is currently developing a backup feature, which will be released soon.
Which operating systems and browsers does Ezbackup support?
  • Windows® XP/Vista/Server 2003
  • Microsoft® Internet Explorer version 7.0 and above
  • Mozilla Firefox 2.0 and above
  • Apple® Safari web browser for Mac or PC
  • Mac version coming very soon
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